Pestana Cayo Coco Cuba – One of the best all inclusive resorts in Cuba

Pestana Cayo Coco Cuba may be one of the best all inclusive resorts in Cuba. When we went it was brand new and we heard some unflattering things about it. After visiting, I can only say the only downside (or upside?) is that it’s extremely isolated from society. If you want to get away from everything and everyone, this is the place to be! Just don’t expect too much from the nightlife. For the money however – it’s still one best all inclusive resorts in Cuba.

Beachside views at Pestana Cayo Coco all inclusive resort

Since this resort is pretty secluded from any town (though day trips are available!), so if you’re looking to live like a local, or really experience Cuba – this is not going to be that experience. This resort is perfect however to eat well, drink well, and lay on the beach!

Beautiful views from one best all inclusive resorts in Cuba         Oceanview from the beach

Sometimes, the “adventure” is just laying on the beach listening to the waves, and having the luxury of all-you-can-eat buffets and bottomless Pina Coladas and beers.



Important tip: if you want to enjoy the drinks and be EXTREMELY lazy, don’t forget your water bottle (to fill up with your favorite drink!). As you can see in the picture below, it will keep you satisfied and relaxed for a good hour (or 30 minutes depending on how quickly you can gulp down rum)!

Poolside drinks at the all inclusive resort


Pestana Cayo Coco Beach Resort  is a four star resort that opened in 2013.  We originally visited in early 2014, so it had a “new” feel to it….and was also half empty (though that’s changed since then!). It also was also far from any town so you couldn’t just leave the resort and *bam* be in the city in 10 minutes. Also, most of the vacationers were 50+, making it less suited for the younger, louder crowd (including ourselves, being in our early 30s). But overall, it was fun. Quiet, relaxing, with nightly entertainment shows, a few a-la-carte’s, and a robust buffet (with some poor quality meats – Sophia couldn’t handle the food)


Fantastic and ultra-friendly employees, beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere in a modern resort make this a great lounging vacation!

lounging near the ocean in cuba

Even better are the fresh coconuts and Cuban cigars!

cuban cigars  coconuts in cuba!

Or riding on a small catamaran as the ocean’s waves crashed over you….

catamaran rented from Pestana Cayo Coco Another picture of the rented Catamaran

The closest town to the resort is Moron, take a daytrip in the middle of the week – it’s a great way to get out of the resort and break up the “laziness”….

horse and carriage in the city horse and cart in the city

Walk the streets and explore the local culture…

cuban church streetview in cuba

And the beautiful old cars…

old 1950's cars from Cuba

Learn how they process sugar cane and make sure of their wonderful tropical fruits…

day excursions from Pestana Cayo Coco All inclusive resort     bananas near the resort processing sugar canes

And last, but not least, enjoy the RUM as much as you can (grab a few bottles as they cost $8-10CAD as opposed to $20+ back home)…

testing rum

What really made this resort beam with life is the employees – the care and respect they have shown us was beyond what we expected. We tipped and left care packages for our cleaning crew daily, making sure that we supplied them with some necessary needs (female/male products, snacks, clothing, etc.). A smile will also go a long way to thank them for their hard work!

Overall, it’s a great way to unwind and not have to think about life. It’s certainly one of the best all inclusive resorts in Cuba we’ve been to. We made friends with a couple after one of the tourists accidentally elbowed me in the face! It’s all the small things, the experiences throughout the trip that make it memorable, and our stay was very memorable.

Until next time…

oceanview from the all inclusive resort

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