Détente ‘Relaxation’: Antibes & Cannes

On our third day in France, we did a trip to Antibes and Cannes

We took the train from Nice to Cannes and stopped over in Les Antibes (you can a stopover to your final destination on trains with the same ticket). 
We spent the first hour checking out the local market, seeing all the shops and restaurants adoring the city. Bustling with tourists, we tried everything from delicious nougat to fruit confectioneries.  
After our walk, we went to the beach to relax a few hours in the sun.
Inflatable pillow loungers are a must for comfort!

Finally, we had lunch at at Le Pimm’s and set off to Cannes. 

Upon arriving in Cannes, we were amazed by the cleanliness and artistic vibe of the city.
In Cannes we walked down Rue d’Antibes (the famous street) looking around at the stores and shops.  
We strolled down the promenade…
taking in the location of the famous Cannes film festival.
After sightseeing, we spent a few hours enjoying unique drinks at Le Melting Pot
sitting outside enjoying the view…
…and having some Get 27 (mint liquor) and some beer with sherry in it.
After our relaxing day, we took the train back to our hotel in Nice.

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