Parcours ‘Route’ de Nice à Èze

Our second day began at 7am. As it was a Saturday, we had to make sure that we caught all the right transportation at the right time (some of the busses only come every 2 hours). We spent a good hour before we left not only getting ready, but ensuring that our public transport routes from Nice to Èze were correct.  

In hindsight, there are two things we would do differently going forward.
First, plan our public transport routes more diligently so that we wouldn’t have to worry about transport during the trip (we always plan routes ahead, but some of our routes were a bit more complicated). Second, renting a car. We usually favour public transport for larger cities such as Rome, Palermo, etc…but for smaller cities such as Nice and Èze, or the countryside, renting a car makes more sense. 
Taking everything into consideration, we finally departed taking 3 busses to Èze from our hotel in Nice (52-14-82). The bus ride, despite being packed, was worth it as it had a spectacular view of the countryside and Nice as it went up the hillside to Èze.  Èze ended up being a very cozy little town. Parts of the old town surrounded an old ruined castle that has since been changed into a beautiful garden (Jardin botanique d’Èze) that is worthwhile to visit. It costs a few euros to get in, and takes about 40 minutes to see everything.   After that, we walked a bit around the old town and enjoyed the decorations for the medieval festival going on. 
We then walked down Nietzsche path…  to the village of Èze near the sea.
The hike took about an hour and a half (it’s fairly rocky which requires great walking/hiking shoes and it was extremely hot) from the top to the bottom.
Starting from the top to the bottom, the views were extremely impressive. However, as we approached the beach area, it left much to be desired.
Upon our arrival at the sea level, we ate at a local restaurant across the train station before catching the train to Monaco.

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