When in Nice, Enjoy Some Peace

Today was just a relaxing day in Nice. We wanted to visit the Nice Castle Hill and then do nothing for the rest of the day. 

That’s exactly what we did.

We took a bus and got dropped off at the start of the waterfront so we could enjoy the walk towards Castle Hill. 
Castle Hill looks pretty high, but luckily there’s an elevator that takes you right up to the entrance (if claustrophobic, keep in mind that this fits 4-5 people and has no air coming through)
Castle Hill is one of the top tourist destinations with its striking views of the city and waterfalls. 
We spent about an hour walking around, taking in the architectural designs of the area.  
After descending back to the waterfront,
we walked through the local market…
until we found a local self-serve restaurant called Lou Kalu, where we could try a few French dishes we saved until the end: Socca and a Niçoise salad.  
Both were excellent, including the orange pie we had for dessert. 
Finally, we capped off the day with…
before heading to Barcelona that evening. 

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