Making the Most out of 24 hours in Munich Germany

What a day! After arriving at the airport and quickly getting through customs and  picking up our baggage, we found out that our particular hotel does not offer the shuttle service for the time of day we got there (between noon to 6pm), although they had confirmed they do. This would’ve been good to know ahead of time given it took us over an hour to figure out our way there. Regardless, we eventually found a bus to our hotel not 10 minutes from the airport. Make sure you are able to use a bit of German as all bus drivers could not understand English which delayed our transportation.

Note that a taxi ride would have been 30 euros vs 2.75 bus.

The hotel was called Arcadia Hotel Munchen Airport. It was an average location, straddling the lines of new and old. The Arcadia has all the modern luxuries of newer hotels, but the building itself seems fairly bland. The rooms seemed modern, but the smells of the hallways offset any of those thoughts. A good place for perhaps a day stopover, but definitely not longer.

After a quick shower and change we were off to the city center of Munich around 4pm. From the hotel we took a bus to the airport.

Important tip: upon our arrival at the train station, we learned that the best way to travel as 2 people for the day was to purchase a daily pass that includes all forms of transportation for a fixed rate. That is your best option if you are in Munich and want to travel. I would highly recommend it. The frequency of the buses are something to be desired (45-60 minute wait), but the subway/train system is fantastic.

After exiting the train station we took in the grandeur of the Bavarian architecture and small shops and stored adorning the ‘walking only’ streets.


Sights include museums, various churches and cathedral all within a very walkable distance.


Add to that the markets and numerous restaurants and you can certainly spend a few days in the city center of Munich alone without getting bored.


However, for Jason and I, due to our late flight, time was of the essence. We took in a few of the churches and various monuments, including a spectacular view of the city at the top of St. Paul’s Church.


Tip: if you have a student ID, you can get in for FREE!

We finished with pretzels, platters of sausage and plenty of beer at Augustiner Brau Munchen.


They served some fantastic food. Despite being in a very touristic neighbourhood, the value of the food was fantastic as was the quality. We gorged on all kinds of sausages and drank some smashing Bavarian Beer.


By the time we went back to the hotel, we felt fulfilled despite the fact that we could’ve done more with more time. If you’re in Munich like us for a 24hr period, I would suggest going straight to the city center and exploring it.

From the architecture to the food, 24 hours in Munich may not be sufficient, but it will certainly be enough to wet your appetite. It’s a fascinating experience and well worth the time.

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