4 Days in Rome Itinerary

On our final stretch of our honeymoon after our 4 days in Sorrento, we took the high speed train to experience 4 days in Rome, the Nation’s Capital.

pasta in rome!

We opted to stay near the Trevi fountain (Hotel Trevi 41), which featured a cozy room central to a marketplace below, and multiple restaurants and sights.

bedroom of hotel trevi 41

breakfast in bed at hotel trevi 41

Day 1

We spent our first day getting our bearings, wandering around the streets of Rome, visiting the fountain of Trevi (unfortunately under renovations when we went) and the Spanish steps, and of course trying some local foods!

day 1 of our 4 days in rome trip

fun in rome

delicious food in rome

Day 2

The second day we really went at it with two scheduled tours. We love to walk, and we spent the entire day visiting two of the biggest sites located in Rome:

The Colosseum and a trip to the Vacant City!

Colosseum in rome


vatican city in rome

We ventured out in the morning so it wouldn’t be completely bombarded with tourists (like ourselves) yet, and grouped up with our tour guide just outside the Colosseum. I highly recommend using a tour guide for the Colosseum (and adjacent Roman Forum), as using a guide that has both knowledge and history of a site really enriches the experience!

roman forums

inside the Colosseum in rome

Both the Colosseum and Roman Forum tours were very memorable, especially for someone who really enjoys Roman history like myself!

After our morning tour, we walked an hour to the Vatican City and had a fantastic tour of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

trip to the vatican city

part of our 4 days in rome itinerary was visiting all the sights of the Vatican city

rome highlights

It was quite an experience full of history and culture that we will not forget!

Day 3

While there is so much to do in Rome, we decided to spend one day outside of the city with a tour to Tivoli where we saw Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este.

daytrip to Tivoli

more scenes from our daytrip to Tivoli

trip to tivoli

more pictures from our daytrip to tivoli

As you can see, Sophia was extremely happy to be the FIRST one to get into the Villa.

villa in tivoli

Visiting these UNESCO sites that peek into the lives of ancient Roman elites was really fascinating.

tivoli UNESCO world heritage sites

beautiful sights in our italian trip

daytrip from rome

We made some wonderful Australian friends on the tour, and it certainly is a must visit when day-tripping from Rome!

Day 4

Our final (full) day in Rome and our trip sadly arrived. We decided to do our own walking tour of Rome, visiting all the sites we had missed along the way (and there were many!).



I downloaded an app called Pocket Guide for my phone and used it to tour the city. The app was really useful as it guided us from place to place pointing out history and information on nearby sites as we approached them. I would say for using it as a more “leisurely independent touring aide” it worked out very well.

4 days in Rome was good enough time to sample the city, but there is always much more to see!

Our tour took us to the Pantheon, Imperial Palace and a variety of others.

the Pantheon at rome was beautiful

Last, but not least, the highlight in Sophia’s book, was a chance to hear the Pope speak and give his weekly blessing.

pope in the vatican

A great end to a fantastic journey!

rome in twilight

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