4 Days in Sorrento Itinerary

After returning to the port of Venice from our fantastic 8 day cruise of the Mediterranean, we took a train to southern Italy, and began our Italian trip with 4 days in Sorrento. With it’s picturesque peak cliffs and beautiful views of the ocean, this southwestern town is a fantastic destination to unwind and relax in.

amalfi coast 4 days

We quickly got cozy at our lovely Bed and Breakfast accommodations (Relais Villa Angiolina).

4 days in Sorrento relaxing at our BnB

Relais Villa Angiolina gardens

Once we relaxed after our long journey to Sorrento, we decided to walk into town and have dinner at a place recommended by a colleague: Il Leone Rosso Ristorante.

4 days in Sorrento il leone rosso ristorante pizzeria

Although quite busy, they were able to squeeze us in and we enjoyed our first authentic Napoli pizza!

Pizza in Sorrento

Day 1

Our first day was spent exploring the town.

explore sorrento

We wandered the streets…

4 days in sorrento exploring the southwestern town

fell in love with the lemon and fruit trees…

Italian Lemons

enjoyed some morning treats…

beautiful Italian desserts

restaurants in sorrento


and truly took in the scenic buildings that the town had to offer.

scenic views in sorrento

beautiful views of sorrento


We made a quick stop at Bar Del Carmine for some pizza and beer before continuing our journey through Sorrento.

a few days into our 4 days in sorrento

coastal views of sorrento

By chance, we passed an upscale hotel (Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria) that was having a suit and tie dinner the following night (July 27 2015) and we booked it right away!

grand excelsior vittoria

For dinner, we felt it best to make the most of our back patio area and eat in. We grabbed bread, cold cuts and drinks and had a wonderful evening.

our BnB in Sorrento

lunch at the bnb

Day 2

Our second day was spent with a large (way too large – 40 people) tour group to one of the most well preserved archaeological sites in the world – Pompeii.

tours from sorrento

The site, situated about 10 kilometers from the towering Mount Vesuvius is a wonder to explore.

mount vesuvius

We learned not only about ancient Roman culture, but as well about how they lived day to day, as we explored the well preserved buildings (as well as the agony of the Pompeii’s citizens final moments, frozen in time by the volcanic ash).

roman architecture in italy

pompeii tours

I believe this was the highlight of Jason’s trip!

tours from sorrento

It was a spectacular full day tour, and really well worth visiting if you are in Southern Italy. Our advice would be to get there early (as we did around 8:30-9am) and book your tickets ahead of time with a SMALL group.

This historically magical day was made even more amazing by what followed: our exquisite dinner at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria.

dinner at the grand excelsior vittoria

As we arrived, we were greeted with champagne and live music and felt like celebrities.

night out at the grand excelsior vittoria

The courtyard was beautifully decorated and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

party at the grand excelsior vittoria

We even met some great people (also from Canada!).

new friends at the grand excelsior vittoria

We ate, drank and danced the night away!

dinner at grand excelsior vittoria

dancing at grand excelsior vittoria

To top it off, they had fireworks at the end of the night.

fireworks at the grand excelsior vittoria in our 4 days in sorrento

more fireworks at grand excelsior vittoria

It was a spectacular end to a spectacular 5-star evening!

Day 3

Our third day was spent with a small group tour to the beautiful Island of Capri.

visiting beautiful capri

The island is a short distance by Ferry.

ferry to capri

on the boat to capri

While we had quite a bit of rough waters on the way to the island, our Captain kept us happy with multiple shots of Lemoncello and Grappa!

journey's dawn on the boat to capri

When we finally arrived to Capri, we had a quick lunch (included with our tour) at the seaside bar.

lunch on capri

We spent a few hours wandering the streets, taking in the sights and shops before venturing back to the small cove where our boat was docked.

beautiful capri

views of capri

photos of capri

We even had time for a few quick dips throughout the day.

swimming near Capri

Unfortunately, the tide was high so it was impossible to get into the Blue Grotto.

blue grotto

However, we did get to tour the rest of the island’s natural beauty by boat before setting sail back to Sorrento.

the natural beauty of capri

capri on our 4 days in sorrento itinerary

Day 4

Our final day was spent doing a private tour of the Amalfi coast.

amalfi coast tour

With it’s beautiful coastal views and winding roads, this full day trip was unforgettable.

amalfi coast private tour

We made a few stops, walking around Positano, Ravello, Villa Rufolo, and the town of Amalfi before circling back to Sorrento.

outlook on the amalfi coast

stopovers on the amalfi coast

This superb chef decided to pose for me just at the right moment! I should have written down the restaurant’s name for future reference!

a chef in amalfi coast

The natural beauty of this private tour was unforgettable. Speaking of unforgettable, we had the most amazing lemoncello risotto at Ristorante Sigilgaida, available in the Michelin Guide 2015 in Ravello.

Ristorante Sigilgaida

It was certainly in the top 10 meals we have ever had!

one of the best meals we ever had

lunch at Ristorante Sigilgaida

Our last meal in Sorrento was at Old Taverna Sorrentina where we enjoyed amazing beer and of course finished off with pizza!

pizza in amalfi coast

drinks in amalfi coast  pizza in amalfi coast

This beautiful city will always be remembered as one of the most romantic places I’ve seen, especially at night.

beautiful sorrento sky

Our 4 days in Sorrento was jam packed, and we still aren’t done – next is Rome from another 4 days!

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