Back to Catania!

Our last journey in Italy consisted of a train ride from Palermo to Catania. We figured we could spend the day sightseeing and relaxing.

Upon our arrival at our hotel (Hotel Catania) around noon, we were surprised to find our place overlooks one of the city’s largest markets.

Pros – you’re below a thriving market! Literally below you!

Cons – you’re below a thriving market! Literally below you!


Unfortunately, when we got to the hotel, the spacious room consumed us and we passed out, thus missing out on the market (closing around 2pm). When we woke up, we toured the city as best as we could, including the picturesque Cathedral of Catania, the elephant statue and a local church (all from outside as they were also closed).


Our short productive afternoon strolling in the city was met with a late lunch. At Barbecue Il Maggese, we indulged ourselves with pistachio linguini, mushroom risotto and horse meat balls. A nice and well priced restaurant but nothing spectacular.


We then had a small rest back at our hotel, before going back out to have one last Arancini and a couple of cannolis before leaving Sicily for our final destination — Luxembourg!

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