Cefalu Beach and Hiking Day Trip

In the morning, we had a quick breakfast and caught our train to Cefalu, a nearby beach town filled with tourists from Italy.

The town is small, and the city center is much smaller than Palermo, but the vibe is much more laid back and relaxed. We decided to check out the Cefalu Cathedral that towers above the skyline and walk the streets.


Then, we did an hour hike to some ancient Roman ruins up a mountain for 5 euros each. This also included “Il Castello“, a beautiful castle that overlooks the city. If in Cefalu, I recommend the hike as you get some fantastic views and see some fascinating historical sites.


Upon our descent, we strolled through the streets eating some well deserved cafe granita and brioche con gelato.

Finally, we went to the beach, rented a few chairs, had a couple of drinks, swam and just unwound until the early evening.


Before our journey’s end, we stopped for some more cafe granita at Dolce cafe (a recommended sweet shop in Cefalu without an online presence).

When we were done, we caught our train back to Palermo, so excited to grab dinner at Mounir’s pizzeria and kebab to try out the “kebab pizza”.

Unfortunately, being closed on Tuesdays was a big disappointment (although the website states Tuesdays are open)! We ended up going to Il Culinario (a nice little restaurant intersecting via Roma & via Cavour) where we had some pizza and limoncello. A nice little place, with decent pizza.

After that, we went back to our place to prepare for our train ride to Catania.

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