Relaxing in Palermo with food food and more food!

We’ve been go,go,go since we started our vacation to pack all the sightseeing in that we felt like we were gone for a few months. It was great, but we were on the verge of needing a vacation from a vacation! And we were barely halfway done!

So we got up late, had breakfast, walked the large capo markets and bought souvenirs.

It was a day of wandering aimlessly, shopping and then sleeping a couple of hours at our B&B.

We had lunch at Bizzo, a fantastic and well-priced restaurant near Quattro Canti that was recommended by locals and where I had some of the best ravioli ever!

Later on in the day (after a much needed nap), we stopped by Nino’s for carne e meusa which means “cow spleen”.

He truly enjoys his work and is always there ready to make you feel welcomed! If we hadn’t done our research on unique places to visit, we would’ve missed this spot! Highly recommended street food, distinctly Sicilian and fantastic! 

We relaxed at a cafe called Spinnato, where we had cappuccinos and cannolis on the patio. It’s situated near Il Ghiottone Raffinato where I planned a surprise birthday dinner for Jason. 

Following a relaxing evening, we turned the corner to the restaurant which we had all to ourselves. We started with a grilled vegetables and sardines antipasto then we had beef and potatoes and lemon with mint pasta. The meat and potato combination was cooled just right with a great combination of spices; however, the lemon mint pasta left something to be desired with a bitter aftertaste that for us we were not accustomed to. 

The excellent service, with a small cake for Jason’s birthday and champagne, overshadowed the pasta portion of the meal.

This beautiful night was also filled with music and great conversation. 

We then headed home to go to bed as we’ll need to wake up a bit earlier for our day trip to Cefalu.

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