Exploring Art with Victor Hugo & History at Vianden Castle

We originally were going to go to Germany or Belgium via train, but we liked Luxembourg so much we decided to tour the small country a bit more.

We took a bus to Vianden, a town north of Luxembourg-ville.
TIP: the transportation is great, but the timing needs to be scheduled properly, especially on the weekend. Give yourself plenty of time, as it can take from 1.5 to 2 hours one way. Renting a car may be more efficient for those who prefer driving. 
Our first stop was Roman Villa Echternach – a Roman palace and museum. 
It features a beautiful representation of the times and well-kept remains, with information provided at each stop. 
Our second stop was Abbey Museum
This place was filled with beautiful archaic religious items.
Our third stop was the house of Victor Hugo.  
The walk-through of the house was very interesting, with audio sections throughout the house to keep you engaged as you visit each section.
We then proceeded to have lunch at a small restaurant in town which was fairly priced (Pizzeria au Feu de Bois).
As the skies were clearing up, we decided to ride the cable car to Vianden Castle before hiking up to the main entrance.
Luckily, we could do the tour with an audio guide, which proved to be the best way to enjoy the scenery and learn about its history.
Not only was the tour of the castle great, but as we moved from section to section, we ended up seeing a reenactment of the time period, with people dressed up as kings, queens, peasants and the like.
In total, Vianden itself is worth the visit if in Luxembourg.
We had a little dinner in town then headed back to our room.
Our last day was fairly short. We had breakfast at the DoubleTree Hotel (not bad, but not great), packed up and went home!
Thank you/Merci Luxembourg!!

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