Beaches and Drinks! Comino and Ghadira

On our second last day we wanted to forgo sightseeing and just relax on the beach. We decide to go to Comino via bus (#222) and then were ferried over at 9am in the morning. It was fairly crowded, but we managed to find room to rest our heads.

We saw what all the fuss was about. On the side of the island is a beautiful section of clear crystal blue water called the Blue Lagoon.

However, there is limited beach area and gets crowded quickly. If you go, I suggest going top of the morning to avoid the massive crowds. We got there at 9am, following a 1.5 hour bus ride and it was already filled up. We left at noon (to get a look at the caves on the ride back) and it was more packed than a can of sardines!

Afterwards, we ferried back (make sure to get in line early as there can be crowds and sometimes space on the ferry is limited), and took a bus to Ghadira beach in Malta. The ride was about 15 minutes long.

A beautiful beach, a bit crowded but unlike Comino there was plenty of space. We rented two chairs and a umbrella for 12 euros, and relaxed with a scoop of gelato. Sophia was hoping to use the ‘banana boat’, but unfortunately we needed 4 people and no one around seemed interested.

Finally, after a great relaxing day we left for home to relax and get ready for a night we planned at a dinner and show called Chamber of Mysteries.

The show, $105 CAD (total for 2) included pickup and was absolutely amazing. We had a 4 course, 2-hour dinner, including unlimited wine, water and pop, multiple appetizers like Maltese pâtés, snails and pizza, a buffet-style main course (i.e., choice of rabbit, chicken, beef, etc.) and a fantastic assortment of Maltese desserts.

To top it off, there were dancers and live music throughout the whole evening. Jason was selected to help on both occasions, first with the tambourine and then as a dancer with one of the ladies in good fun. It was fantastic and well worth the price, without having reached the main event of the night – a two hour magic show that took place upstairs.

Set in an intimate theatre that holds 34 people, the magic show was fantastic as the performers got the entire audience involved in the show. We both were picked to help out a couple of times and we certainly enjoyed it.

It was certainly an unforgettable evening! If you are in Malta, I highly recommend seeing this dinner and show combination. It’s well worth it!

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