Our Final Day in Malta: Tarxien Temples

After doing multiple sights in such a short time, and spending time with our wonderful Airbnb hosts, we decided to do a quick trip to the Tarxien Temples and spend the rest of the afternoon with our hosts.

Gozo and the rest of Malta will have to wait for another trip!

After getting up later than usual (10am), we had breakfast and headed off to the Tarxien Temples (Bus #120).

The 4 small temples are fascinating and include a free audio guide (downloadable to your Android or iPhone and connects via wifi). It tells you all about these temples that are older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt.


If  you have limited time in Malta, I suggest you check out at least one temple. We did Tarxien because it was the closest to our host.

We finished off with a quick bite of sandwich and chips at a local Maltese restaurant and headed back to enjoy the company of our hosts with parentezi and coffee. A wonderful way to finish off a wonderful part of our journey. We will certainly come back to Malta soon!

It was a wonderful country full of unique sites, friendly people and good food.

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