LAGOS BEACHES: Ponta de Piadede ► Praia do Camilo ► Praia de Batata

Today was all about the beaches! We really wanted to check out most of the beaches here, and we did just that.

Before we headed out, we had our own special breakfast on the rooftop.

We started by walking 30 minutes from the city center to Ponta da Piedade.
This place is a beautiful lookout on one of Lagos’ high cliffs that overlooks the Atlantic ocean.
We stayed on the pathways and took a few pictures before going to the next beach down the line… Praia do Camilo.
Camilo beach was very picturesque with its cliffs, caves and sparkling water. While the beach was uncomfortably packed and the water freezing cold, it didn’t stop us from enjoying our time.
Finally we went to Praia Dona Ana. This beach was bigger and less congested. It had a pretty view, but I didn’t find it as beautiful as Camilo (but the lack of bodies made up for it).
Note: One thing about the beaches of Lagos is that, in the daytime, under the scorching sun, the sand can get extremely hot. But as it’s the Atlantic (not the Mediterranean), the water can be ice cold. You will get used it to it after a while, but warm water is in short order.
We ended our day by visiting Os Lambertos.
A packed little restaurant that on Sundays has people on a waiting list to get in for its seafood rice.
For 15 euros and the amount of seafood you get, it’s an amazing deal and is probably one of the best seafood meals I’ve had. Brimming with prawns, mussels, crabs and more, one serving has about 4-6 portions worth. Highly recommended!!!
Afterwards, we walked off this amazing dinner and stopped by a little shop to grab hot Portuguese tarts which were so divine!
Day two and it’s time for more beaches!
After a long day of relaxing, we wanted to stay at one beach. We passed by Pinhao Beach to take a snapshot (it didn’t look terribly busy), but settled for Praia da Batata, a beach right in town.
We enjoyed Batata beach as it was fairly quiet (compared to the other beaches we went to, but maybe because it was Monday). We nestled our portable tent and loungers in front of a rock and got comfy for a few hours!
Later on, when we finally had the energy to get up after a lazy day, we went to Zanzibar since it served cheap cocktails during happy hour!
We ended our evening with dinner at the Goji Lounge Café, a small restaurant in town.
The tapas they served were good, but after having the amazing tapas at Arc da Velha, it was a bit underwhelming. Great food at Goji, but it couldn’t beat Arc.
Overall, this second beach day in Lagos was just as phenomenal as the first!

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