La Sagrada Familia & Barcelona Night Walking Tour

We started the day with a walk from our AirBnB accommodations to La Sagrada Familia. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in Barcelona (and there are quite a few), and is the one landmark we did not want to miss at any cost!

This iconic Roman Catholic Church is a project of the architect Gaudi (whose architecture can be seen all over this beautiful Catalan city) who took over the building of the church in 1883 (it was actually started a year prior to Gaudi’s involvement). By the time Gaudi died in 1926, only a fourth of the church had been completed!

Plagued by money issues, war, and other factors, the construction of La Sagrada has been very slow. The whole thing should be completed now in 2026 – 100 years after Gaudi’s death.

So have people been flocking to visit this unfinished church for almost 100 years? Because even in it’s incomplete state, with construction crews walking around and tall cranes covering some parts of the building, it’s still a beautiful site to behold both inside and outside.

From the way the massive and breathtaking stained glass reflects the light inside the temple, to the breathtaking views of the city from the church’s towers, everything designed in La Sagrada is made with a reason and purpose like a beautiful work of art.

Even if you don’t like or care for art, the visual overload from all the beautiful views inside and outside the church are worth the price of admission.

Speaking of admission. Did you book your tickets in advance? If La Sagrada Familla is one thing – it’s busy. Even if you book in advance like we did, there are still lineups to enter. So if it’s a priority to visit this site when you visit Barcelona, make sure you book ahead.

Sophia and I booked our tickets (58€) that covered the entry fee, an optional audio guide, and a tour of the Nativity tower. We picked the Nativity Facade because it’s the only tower designed by Gaudi himself, and not by one of his proteges.

 It also has a wonderful view of the mountains.

The tower views were well worth it, and as they limit the amount of tourists in the church at a single time, we were able to navigate fairly easily. The audio guide that we used was wonderful, and it really helped bring to life all the temple, towers, and all the rest of Gaudi’s visions. If you want to walk around and understand La Sagrada in detail, pick up the audio guide!

After a quick croissant and crème de glace (ice coffee), we went home for a short afternoon siesta.
We had a night walking tour booked for the evening. As we love tasting a variety of cuisines, we first stopped for some Argentinian empanadas at Las Muns.
We then ventured towards the meeting point, but had to stop for what turned out to be the best pizza and arancinis outside of Italy.
The front of the Les Dues Sicilies looks like a takeout only place, but if you go down the stairs they have a nice little place eating area. It’s a real gem if your craving Italian food!
We finally did the Dark Past Night Walking Tour with Runner Bean Tours. The tour took about 2 hours in the Gothic area, and was one of the most fun and entertaining tours we have ever been on.
Full of fascinating history of the darker medieval side of Barcelona, it was interactive with live scenarios and really interesting stories. Keep the little ones as home though if you plan to check this out.
We then had some lemon granita and took the metro back to our place.

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