Quebec City: Part 2 {Civilisation Museum and Virtual Relaxation}

Still feeling quite sick and unable to even speak, I still wanted to make the most of our adventure. We worked around it by trying to stay more indoors than outdoors in the cold Quebec air. So, we chose to catch the bus to the Musée de la civilisation! We knew this would take up a good part of the day and keep me warm! 

A side note on the bus system: The city is fairly small and most buses run fairly frequently (5-10 min wait) in the upper and lower parts of the city (old Quebec is similar to Luxembourg City, given that it is uphill, but has a Pays Bas section as well). In 2017, the bus fair is $3.50 CAD, one way, but a pass can be bought for unlimited day use at $8.25 at most general convenience stores (Jac & Gil for instance). 

We arrived at the museum, where we bought 2 tickets ($16/person) which also included a special exhibit called Library at Night virtual reality segment. Note that the personnel all speak French and English, as is most tourist spots in Quebec. While my headache was consistent, my voice was gone and I felt shivers and had to wear my coat indoors, it was useful to have Jason take charge and orient us towards where to go!

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The museum exhibits change from time to time. When we went, there was an exhibit on worldwide revolutions, cats & dogs, inuits of Quebec, nanotechnologies and diaries of Brazilian people. It was very interesting and unique, with all the audio and video available with bilingual options. My favorite part was listening to the revolutions as depicted through one particular author and how his worldview changed the way he believes we need to shape our future.

For Jason, the nanotechnology exhibit was by far the most intriguing and interactive segment of the day. 

We both agree that the Library at Night was really something else!!!! It starts with a five minute intro in a fake old library cellar looking room where you are taken into what looks to be an old fashioned library study where you put on oculus rift 3D lenses and headphones and take a virtual reality trip through 10 worldwide libraries (some still accessible and others destroyed overtime). It was a fantastic experience and if the option is still available to you when you plan your trip to Quebec city, make sure to give it a go!

We also headed towards Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons which was evidently covered in snow, and took in the sights and landmarks, including Old Québec and Place Royale.   

Still feeling pretty crappy, we went home and dined in from the take-out menu at Chez Gaston, having our first taste of local poutine (with sausage) and a grilled cheese sandwich. I couldn’t taste much, but Jason tells me it was good when we had it! 

While I napped for a good number of hours, Jason chilled and watched a couple of shows (via free wifi!). Being sick on a trip is never fun, but in order to maximize our adventures, I rested when I could and focused on visiting the places we both really wanted to go to. Plus, tomorrow’s plans are sure to be the most exciting and require a lot of time outdoors!!

So once we rested, we prepared ourselves for a day trip to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and the famous Hôtel de Glace

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