Quebec City: Part 4 {Light up the aquarium & indulge in delicious fondue}

Today it was back to visiting Quebec City one more time before heading to Sainte-Adèle for some snowshoeing! 

After the adventurous day we had yesterday and since Sophia was still not feeling well, we decided to take it easy.

In the morning, we visited the Plains of Abraham (historic site from the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759)…. 

we entered a beautiful Anglican Cathedral…

and we strolled the frost covered streets one last time to take in the winter beauty of the town.

We then decided it was time to eat some delicious crepes at Le Casse-Crepe Breton in Old Quebec. 

We then headed back to rest up and to get ready for the rest of our evening. We knew it would take approximately 2 hours to get to our final destination and we didn’t want to be late. Sophia was excited and tired, but she wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out on our last evening in town!

Finally, we went to Festi Lumière at the Quebec aquarium

It’s an annual festival with lit up decorations around the Aquarium. 

We not only got to see the decorations, but animals as well!  

In the middle of the walk, there was a heated tent with cocoa for sale, tables, and live musicians playing as well – it was a nice little break in the middle of the walk!

It was fun (albeit rainy) and while not a “must see”, it is an enjoyable way to spend an evening!

Finally, we topped off the night with dinner at La Tyrolienne, a nice little fondue restaurant whose interior resembled a Swiss chateau.

While I’ve had fondue before, this was my first experience at a restaurant having it for both dinner (cheese & meat fondue) and dessert (maple fondue).

It was delicious and an amazing experience! PLUS, you can’t really go wrong with melted cheese or maple! I am definitely going to more of these once I get back to Toronto!

Hi, I’m Jason Wingate and I caught the travel bug a few years ago with my wife Sophia Bello. Together, we’ve been travelling the world and sharing our experiences here on our blog, hoping to inspire and help you on your own journey!

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