Journey to the (Canadian) West…Victoria3 on my own

On day 4, Sophia and I split up for the day. Since she had her work conference, I decided to spend the day going to the Royal BC Museum and checking out the IMAX show ($36.90 CAD).

The Royal BC Museum had a temporary exhibit of the history of Egypt that was quite interesting (though most of which I’ve seen before personally at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto), but the museum of natural history, human history and native history permanent exhibits were done quite well!

The natural museum was loaded with both information on climate change, life size statues of the animal kingdom – past and present – and information on the local aquatic wildlife.

The human history exhibition was filled with life size replicas of BC’s past. From a walk-through of the British naval ship discovery that charted the coastline of BC for the British, to BCs gold mining rush (complete with a replica mine) and a early 1900s era town – the entire tour was quite well done.

The First Nations exhibit was unique in that it offered both audio and video exhibits on the various native languages in the BC region. Very fascinating to see and learn. 

After I wandered the museum for a few hours, I checked out the IMAX where I saw Myseries of Egypt, a 1998 IMAX movie featuring Omar Sharif. It was o.k. and I would only recommend it for the sprawling visuals on the IMAX screen.

After that, I went for a quick cup of coffee and met with my friends and Sophia for the evening conference gala.

Tomorrow, I’ll be the one going on a quick business trip in Vancouver.

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