Journey to the (Canadian) West…Victoria2

We began day 2 of our trip with a long walk down Dallas street on the waterfront of Victoria. A beautiful walk which gives great views of both the ocean and mountains as you stroll along a lush green garden path.

We took this stroll all the way to the breaker and lighthouse where we spotted a seal in the ocean! Our first view of the oceans native habitat!

The next stop was Mount Douglas, where we hiked up to the top and enjoyed breathtaking views of the island.

Finally, at the end of the day we finished off by going to one of our friend’s colleagues ‘Wimbledon Theme’ party at their house.

We had an amazing time, surrounded by great company!



Day 3 didn’t start too well. We partied a bit too hard the night before and it took us a little while to get back on our feet!

Since we didn’t want to waste the day, everyone crawled out of bed to take a drive up to a special lookout that offered more beautiful views of the mountains and Salish sea.

Victoria is such a beautiful place to explore, with something to discover in every nook and cranny. Even the downtown core and surrounding suburbia is beautifully kept and has its own wonders and sights. For a small city, it really keeps its natural beauty which is all part of its charm.

That being said, beautiful views can’t substitute for hunger! We then decided to go back towards the wharf and took a seat on Fish hook‘s patio. This restaurant is owned by the same owner as Red Fish Blue Fish (see day 1 post). It’s an Indian infused seafood restaurant that serves some unique and delicious dishes.

Needing to walk off the calories gained, we took a brief tour of the gardens of the Governor General and explore the downtown core some more.

Exhausted from the night before, we ended the night a bit early to get ready for the next day.


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