Palermo Norman Palace, Catacombs and a private Italian cooking class!

We woke again to a fantastic breakfast at La Dimora del Capo. We then went to the last of the 3 main markets in our list → Capo market. This is where we were able to taste more food such as sfincione and fresh fruits from the market.

We then continued our tour as we strolled down the main streets filled with tourists and vendors, making our way to Quattro Canti (4 corners).

Norman Palace was next on the list! We toured the palace, royal apartments and chapel. The cost is quite high ($20 CAD/person as of 2016), but you can save by only taking 1 audio guide for 2.

The palace and apartments were beautiful, but the chapel was amazing ornate with works from different religions and regions working on it to make it a cultural mosaic of its age. The Norman Palace was nice, but after a week of touring we became a bit more picky as to what we liked and loved.  The chapel in the palace however does not disappoint.

Finally, we walked over to the catacombs and toured that for a good 30 minutes as a guide showed us the different sections and about the catacombs. Now that I think about it, I don’t think the guide was free, he was just really loud so we got a free tour out of it. Interesting place, but NO PICTURES were allowed.

Brioscià had fantastic gelato with fondue toppings. Sophia had coffee flavour and I had creme biscotte, topped with cookies. They were amazing!

We also stopped at a shop and had freshly made and squeezed out lemon and watermelon granita.

At night, we went to a cooking class (just the two of us) where we cooked fish, pasta and had bottles of wine and homemade pistachio ice cream.

We made friends with the chef and stayed until late in the night. It was a fantastic and memorable night that had both a romantic touch and good conversation. One of the best nights ever, and I highly recommend booking with the chef (Cook Ti Unci).


Finally we walked home under the beautiful lights of Palermo to get ready for our next day → Touring Segesta, Trapani and Erice.

Hi, I’m Jason Wingate and I caught the travel bug a few years ago with my wife Sophia Bello. Together, we’ve been travelling the world and sharing our experiences here on our blog, hoping to inspire and help you on your own journey!

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