Civic Holiday Day Trip: Cobourg ON

If you need a day trip from Toronto in the summer, you should check out Cobourg and its beach.

It’s a town on Lake Ontario about a 1 hour drive from Toronto that features a quaint little downtown and a nice beach (rated one of the best in Ontario).

During the summer months, it’s bustling with festivities and markets, including sandcastle competitions. It’s an extremely active beach on any weekend, but particularly when we went during the August long weekend.

What makes it attractive for a beach day is that it is a shorter drive (relatively) than the popular Wasaga beach that’s north of Toronto, and while it’s very busy…we find it less so than Wasaga.

If you dont have a car, you can always rent one to get down there, or take transit. Leave before 8am to get there without having to ensure 3hrs of traffic (like we did!), and if the parking lots are full, there are usually many side streets that are empty to park on, even when it’s bursting with tourists.

And don’t forget to grab some local food and ice cream on your way out!


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